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American success

Liquid fuels such as diesel, jet fuel, and gasoline form the backbone of the global economy. From agricultural equipment to cargo ships, trains to construction machinery, few things can be made or moved without these fuels. That’s why America’s refiners — the companies that manufacture these fuels and more – are essential drivers of our country’s economic health and success.

The Spotlight

People, products, and the modern world depend on reliable access to energy. That’s why America’s refiners are so essential to keeping America moving.

"Diesel fuel is the backbone of our country."

Fueling human

As the world’s population increases and the global middle class grows, energy demand too will grow. Trucks, trains, airplanes, tractors, and modern food systems rely on access to abundant liquid fuels. American refineries provide the energy that allows people to pursue healthy, successful lives in our country — and all over the world.

Sustaining our
way of life

Liquid fuels are crucial to the global economy. They are the primary energy source for transportation, such as cars, buses, trains, ships, and airplanes. They are also essential to industrial production, such as manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. In some areas, liquid fuels heat homes and generate electricity.


moves billions of people every day.


powers industry, farming, construction, and transportation.

Jet fuel

moves people across the country and all over the world.

Home heating oil

keeps homes and offices warm in the winter.


heats homes, cooks food, and more.

The people
making progress

Making Progress on Fuels that Sustain the Future

Matt Smorch

President & CEO


Making Progress on Lower Carbon Intensity Fuels

Steve Schram

Facility Manager

Marathon Petroleum

Making Progress on Lower Carbon Intensity Fuels

Luis Sujo

Senior Business Development Specialist


Making Progress on Advanced Recycling

Ron Abbott

Sustainability Technology Manager

Chevron Phillips Chemical

Making Progress on Advanced Recycling

Stacy Putnam

Manager of Advocacy, Leadership & Strategic Technology Development


Making Progress on Advanced Recyling

Dan White

Director, Global I&D and Olefins R&D